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New dual leadership at dpa’s English Service: Managing Editor Helen Maguire additionally becomes Product Manager, Robin Powell becomes Team Leader

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Berlin (ots) –

dpa international, the English language service of Germany’s leading news agency, is reorganizing its leadership team to place a stronger emphasis on product management and stay closely attuned to client needs in a changing media landscape. From January 1, Managing Editor Helen Maguire will additionally take on the role of Product Manager, while Deputy Editor Robin Powell is being promoted to Team Leader.

Helen Maguire will retain the overall responsibility for dpa international – which provides global news with an emphasis on Germany and Europe – while focusing more on developing the product to meet existing client needs and identify new business opportunities.

Robin Powell will be responsible for day-to-day editorial and team leadership issues, overseeing the editorial desks in Berlin and Sydney to optimize the output of dpa international. This covers the full spectrum of political, economic, miscellaneous and sports news, as well as an accompanying Trends and Features service.

„We believe that actively looking at the market and keeping in touch with our clients is a pattern for success at a time when we have to cope with crises and manage the digital transformation. With Helen Maguire and Robin Powell, two experienced journalists and editorial leaders, we have a promising set-up for this“, Editor in Chief at dpa Sven Gösmann said.

„By complementing our traditional editorial virtues with a focus on product management, we have created a structure that will drive forward innovation in the English Service, in the interest of our clients“, dpa CEO Peter Kropsch said.

„dpa is unique in providing independent, impartial news from the heart of Europe and I am excited at this opportunity to further tailor our English-language offering to our clients‘ needs, while ensuring that we remain an indispensable part of the media landscape,“ Helen Maguire said.

„The skills we have in our excellent news and sports teams make us well placed to continue providing accurate, timely and engaging news stories focused on Germany, Europe and the business world. I look forward to helping shape our coverage in this new role,“ added Robin Powell.

dpa’s international news service in English provides clear and unbiased coverage of events worldwide with a focus on Germany, Europe and business news. The dpa desks in Berlin and Sydney produce the service around-the-clock relying on dpa’s correspondent network in 58 cities in Germany and more than 80 offices around the globe.

As the biggest German news agency and one of the most important independent news agencies worldwide, dpa stands for reliable, up-to-date and comprehensive news coverage, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

About dpa:

The German Press Agency (dpa) was founded in 1949 and is one of the world’s leading independent news agencies. dpa supplies media outlets, businesses and other organizations with editorial content, including text, photos, videos, graphics, audio and other formats. As an international agency, dpa reports in seven languages. The company has around 1,000 journalists at some 150 locations in Germany and abroad. Its shareholders are about 170 German media companies. Staff work according to the principles outlined in the dpa statute: independently from ideologies, businesses and governments. The central editing desk, under the leadership of Editor-in-Chief Sven Gösmann, is located in Berlin. The management team, headed by President & CEO Peter Kropsch, is based in Hamburg. The Chairman of the Board is David Brandstätter (Main-Post GmbH, Würzburg).

Internet: www.dpa.com (German, English, Spanish, Arabic)

Social media: www.dpa.com/de/social-media

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German Press Agency dpa
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